About Us

About Us

Realizing a lifelong dream, Sedat Olgun started his venture and opened his first restaurant in Howland, Ohio in 2018. The namesake of the restaurant, Kyra in Turkish stands for peace, kindness and the biggest favor from God. This holds true for Sedat as he named the restaurant after one of his dearest loves, his only son Kyra. With the support of his loving family, he has been motivated and determined to further his passion for food, wine and hospitality and with that Kyra Restaurant came to be.

Following the family’s ambition and vision, The Olgun’s relocated to Bluffton, SC in 2021 and Kyra Restaurant Seafood & Grill has opened in their new location to share their passion for food and atmosphere.

With an extensive background in restaurant and hospitality, Sedat’s journey started in Turkey and has extended here to The United states including, California, Ohio, and South Carolina. With his diversity in mind, he brings top quality Italian food with features of his heritage Mediterranean style food, and flares of Asian and French dishes. Sedat is dedicated to bringing you an elevated dining experience at an affordable price.

At Kyra Restaurant Seafood & Grill we are proud to serve delicious meals using top quality ingredients at an affordable price, in a relaxed atmosphere.

From our family to yours, Please be our guests.